What is CryptoWall Virus?

The CryptoWall virus is a form of RansomWare malware which encrypts the files on your computer and targets all versions of Windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and the brand new Windows 8. This virus is commonly confused with many other forms of RansomWare such as the CryptoLocker virus, but it is a new strain that was recently developed in April 2014.
The Decryption service used to unlock the CryptoWall virus is very different from the CryptoLocker virus which means that the malware code continues to evolve and strengthen.The CryptoWall virus first drops it’s code into your computer when the malicious file is opened. This is a very fast spreading code, which means that you may only have a few minutes to take action before all of the data files in your computer are affected.

Once the files are encrypted you will see a pop up window with the CryptoWall Decryption Service containing instructions on how you can decrypt your files and get your access back. In order to do this you must make a payment using the bitcoin payment service. You will initially be charged $500 to unlock your files, and this will then increase to $750 after a few more days, and then will go up to a maximum of $1500.

The CryptoWall virus is spread when you open a PDF file that contains the malicious code. These PDF documents are found within a phishing email or within a website that has been loaded with this file. It’s also important to note that while common virus scan detection programs cannot delete the CryptoWall virus it can identify any other viruses that have also been downloaded CryptoWall. As with most other viruses, the best way to prevent this virus from infecting your computer is to not click on links or open files you do not trust.